You’ve Got A Friend in Tea

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What is it about a cup of tea that makes it such a marvelous friend? Tea is a simple concoction of aromatic leaves, flowers and roots steeped only in water. Yet, this simple concoction coaxes wisdom, enlightenment and savvy from the core of a being. Tea induces feelings of serenity and confidence in one’s self. It affords us a deeper capacity to decide, conceive and imagine, without dulling our senses. In times of despair or sorrow, tea comforts us. In moments of happiness, tea celebrates with us. When we are cold, tea warms us and when we are parched, tea cools us. Unlimited varieties of tea, each unique in the way it rouses our senses, are readily available, providing us the opportunity to choose the precise genre our soul is craving at any given moment.

I have accomplished my best self-reflection, decision-making, reminiscing and creating over a hot cup (or glass of iced) tea. Tea has been beside me through thick and thin and in sickness and in health.  Tea is a staple in my cupboard and I am reassured to know that it is always near when life goes awry.

I invite you to join me on my journey as a rookie blogger, sharing my love affair with tea; revealing life, relationship and career learnings; and chronicle my endeavors to bring more joy into my life.  This will be a learn-as-I-go experience and I hope you will bare with me.  Please share your suggestions so I may improve this site and share content that is desirable.

9 thoughts on “You’ve Got A Friend in Tea

  1. I totally understand your connection with tea. Its also what I blog about! That feeling you get when a warm cup of tea is in your hands is truly mesmerizing and is a feeling of instant relation for me.

  2. I think we’d get along, I am a tea lover too! I have a dedicated tea shelf with little cups and tea pots. I also have a dedicated tea bar cart (the large one from World Market) full of loose teas and packages teas, tea cups, more tea pots, strainers and trays.

    I agree with you tea time all the time, through all life’s experiences. What’s your favorite teas?

    • Hi there! Thank you for posting! My favorite brand of tea is Red Rose, for daily use. I have a lot of specialty teas, jasmine is my go to when I’m feeling low! I have moved around a lot and I do not have much room to display so my collection of tea paraphernalia is not as extensive as yours! I do love connecting with other tea lovers…some people just don’t understand! LOL!

  3. I’m a sucker for good tea posts.
    It’s my second favorite drink, and I love all the different blends!! I especially love the way that a good cuppa feels like a hug when you really need one. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading! I have been able to connect with many tea lovers over this past year! It’s so comforting! Stay connected!

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