Some of you may remember the blizzard of 1978, also called the White Hurricane.  It struck the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes regions from January 25th through January 27.  Hurricane level winds dumped a foot of snow on top of an already record amount of snow on the ground.  We lived in a farmhouse on a lane that was nearly 9/10ths of a mile off the road.  Plowing was futile, as the wind would just blow our driveway shut again. Our farmhouse (very dear to my heart) was not well insulated.  When the wind blew you could hear it hum through the cracks.  It was an eerie sound, not unlike the banshees screaming in Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959)!  Along with all the snow and wind, temperatures plummeted to zero and below for a few weeks.  Living in our farmhouse became quite an adventure.  In order to make it to work and school every day, we left our home and stayed with relatives in town.

I was introduced to Red Rose Tea while staying with my aunt and cousins.  I would sip on a cup of Red Rose (Original Blend) while I waited for my mother to pick me up to take me to school.  It has been my absolute favorite ever since.  In fact, it was Red Rose Tea that turned me into a devoted tea drinker and true tea snob!

Red Rose Tea was founded in the 1890’s and is located in Little Falls, New York.  In my opinion, this tea, which is blended with rich, black teas from around the world, is consistent from cup to cup.  It is smooth with just a little “bite” that all tea lovers crave.  I have never been disappointed!

As an added bonus, each new box (40 count size) has a small figurine neatly tucked away among the tea!  When my children were small, they couldn’t wait for the chance to open a new box to see what the figurine would be!  The figurines are perfect for that printer’s box (rustic/farmhouse decor) hanging on your wall!

P.S.  Check out the movie Darby O’Gill and the Little People for St. Patrick’s Day!  You can find it on Amazon Prime Video for $2.99.  You can learn more about the movie on IMBD.