Petitti’s Garden Center, Canton, Ohio

In anticipation of the slowly, but steadily approaching spring season, my son, his family and I recently took a jaunt to the new Petitti Garden Center in Canton, Ohio.  I could barely contain myself as I walked through the doors!  Even though the greenhouses were not open yet, there was plenty to see!  The building was bright and displays were easy to navigate, despite the high volume of shoppers.  The floor staff was available for consultations and the cashiers were friendly and courteous.  I was not able to take pictures of everything, but below are some pictures of displays that were of special interest to me.  I didn’t go home emptyhanded!  If you are in the Canton, Ohio area, be sure and make time to visit Petitti’s.  There are several other Petitti Garden Centers throughout northeast Ohio, including Boardman, where the Center is newly renovated and re-opening!